Together We Can Change the Course



Conservation & Research

Development, Membership & Volunteer

  • Jaron Blaine
    Membership and Guest Services Manager
  • Jenny McClure
    Donor Relations Manager
  • Kathy Castaneda
    Volunteer Programs Manager
  • Lucy Avolese
    Membership Coordinator

Education & Engagement

  • Deborah Lupo
    Education Program Assistant
  • Hannah Barton
  • Kevin Spracher
    Interpretation and Exhibitions Curator
  • Maggie Doyle
    Nature Educator
  • Sarah Vargas
    Nature Educator

Horticulture & Operations

  • Bao Ngyuen
    Vehicle Maintenance Technician
  • Bonnie Whitney
    Plant Propagation Assistant
  • Brissa Magaña
    Retail Associate
  • Bryan Perez
  • Charlie Adams
    Facilities Manager
  • Corina Bondi
    Guest Services Associate
  • Cynthia Hannahs
  • Dana Crampton
    Guest Services Associate
  • Dennis Rose
    Maintenance Associate
  • Eden Thorson
    Guest Services Associate
  • Geege Ostroff
    Garden Keeper
  • Jacob Cobian
    Grounds Technician
  • Jahlia Layton
    Guest Services Associate
  • Janet Butler
    Facilities Coordinator
  • Jenna Bowman
    Retail Sales Coordinator
  • Jessica Fernandez
  • Jordan LeGrys
    Retail Associate
  • Josey Jaramillo
    Guest Services Associate
  • Julia Herring
    Guest Services Associate
  • Katelyn Miller
    Living Collection Assistant
  • Kristine Cincotta
  • Mary Flood
    Guest Services Associate
  • Matt Straka
    Retail Manager
  • Max Lucchesi
    Guest Services Associate
  • Michael Libera
    Guest Services Associate
  • Phoebe Swigart
  • Stephanie Ranes
    Grounds Manager
  • Tom Rhodes
    Guest Services Associate
  • Tony Lee
  • Victoria Torres
    Plant Sales Coordinator
  • Zac Wallace
  • Zay Loeb
    Retail Associate

HR & Administration

  • Ed Marini
    Design and Construction Manager
  • Emily Brawley
    Human Resources Coordinator
  • Jill Freeland
    Director of Human Resources
  • Joan Evans
    Accounts Payable and Treasury Manager
  • Kaile Katsumoto
    Executive Assistant to the Garden Directors


Marketing & Communications

  • Liz Raffensperger
    Events and Marketing Project Manager
  • Neery Hernandez
    Marketing and Communications Coordinator