The Wonder of Native California


Sense of Place

Uniquely Californian 

From rugged coastlines and incredible topography to vast landscapes, California is one of the most biologically rich locations in the United States — and even the world. The state boasts 6,500 varieties of native plants, across an array of habitats, all working together to offer its inhabitants — from insects to humans — a unique place to call home.

Showcasing the state’s diversity and biological wealth, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden invites you to explore the wonder of California all within a day’s visit.


Organized into 11 unique sections, the Garden offers visitors a look at the region’s notable habitats, specific native plant groupings, and demonstrations of how to plant with purpose at home.


Actively working to understand, protect, and restore native plants and habitats, the Garden’s collections are a vital tool for conservation, research, and education across California.


From a world-class scientific research facility to state-recognized historic landmarks, the Garden has several unique features accessible to our guests, just minutes from downtown Santa Barbara.

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