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Tiny Talks & Tours Series Part Three with Matt Guilliams, Tucker Systematist and curator of the Clifton Smith Herbarium

Matt Guilliams, Ph.D.
Pritzlaff Conservation Center Classroom at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
September 10, 2024
9:00AM - 10:30AM
  • We invite Garden members to join us for part three of our Tiny Talks & Tours Series, hosted by Matt Guilliams, Ph.D., Tucker Systematist and Curator of the Clifton Smith Herbarium. Come enjoy complimentary coffee and pastries, while learning all about what our biodiversity team has been up to!

You’ll get an inside look at our work collecting and curating specimens for our Herbarium, specifically in regards to Channel Islands flora and the small, yet very mighty, lichens! You will also get a glimpse into our future projects which not only aim to deepen our understanding of California’s biodiversity, but also to make the knowledge we uncover more accessible to the general public. The event will include a Q&A session and a behind-the-scenes tour if time allows.

Additional Series Dates:

July 24, 2024: Part One: Ecology Talk with Denise Knapp, director of conservation & research

August 12, 2024: Part Two: Rare Plants Talk with Heather Schneider, senior rare plant conservation scientist


This event is free and open exclusively to Garden members. Registration is required, so sign up today!

About Matt Guilliams Ph.D.

Matt Guilliams, Ph.D., is the Tucker plant systematist and curator of the Clifton Smith Herbarium at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. As a botanist/plant systematist, his overall focus is the study of the flora of California, which includes floristics, biodiversity description, inferring evolutionary patterns, and conservation genetics of rare plants. Matt earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in evolutionary biology from San Diego State University and his doctorate in integrative biology from University of California, Berkeley. He has been working as a botanist in the state since 1998. 

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