Elings Park Transformation

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is transforming a one-acre plot in Elings Park to a native plant habitat – and we need your help!

Beginning in fall of 2023 and running three years, this¬†restoration project¬†concentrates California-native plants within a one-acre plot and compares the abundance, diversity, and composition of plant and animal life before and after the transformation. To achieve this work we’re seeking volunteers to help clear invasive plant species, prepare the site for plantings, plant our projected 1,400 plants, and monitor the progress along the way through varied scientific methods.

Working in partnership with Elings Park and Channel Islands Restoration, volunteer opportunities will evolve as the project continues. If you’re interested in dropping in or joining us for the full journey (or part of), please click on the link below to get started. Once we hear from you, we’ll send you details for our next work party!