Mission Canyon watershed biodiversity reconnaissance and recovery

Project Dates

2021 - 2025


In the first year of this five year project, we surveyed the upper Mission Canyon watershed to determine which invasive species are present and where we can have the greatest impact for habitat restoration. In the ensuing four years, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden staff and volunteers will undertake the removal of a suite of priority weeds and replace them with native plants, while building a Mission Canyon seed bank of native species for restoration. Door-to-door surveys to identify and replace more invasive plant populations will be conducted, as well as monthly spring-summer outreach/education hikes.

Learn more about the project here.


Increase native plant habitat and control invasive plant populations in the Mission Canyon watershed by engaging local residents in restoring their backyard

Team Members

Collaborative project across the Garden’s conservation, education, and horticulture teams, led by Jorge Renteria Bustamante, Ph.D.

Neda Brehm

Michelle Cyr

Stephanie Ranes


Southern California Edison

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