June 11, 2022

Thank You for Supporting the Backcountry

By Melissa Patrino
Kids in Backcountry_Andrea Russell Photo

Thank you for helping us make the dream of the Backcountry a reality by supporting Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Your donations helped us exceed our $4 million goal which included construction, maintenance, operational support for the first three years, and a permanent endowment to ensure that we have both staffing seven days a week as well as funds for site maintenance into the future.  With the Backcountry now open, generations of children have the opportunity to discover nature through unstructured play in a safe place designed especially for them.  This is just the beginning.   

Thanks again to our founding donors and campaign committee for all their hard work over the past several months as they helped bring this very special project to life. We couldn’t have done it without your support!



  • Kirby Jones Foundation
  • Steinmetz Foundation


$100k – $249k

  • Adams Legacy Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Ann Jackson Family Foundation
  • Cabana Fund
  • Gerry and Bobbie Rubin
  • Hind Foundation
  • Hutton Parker Foundation
  • Jacqueline and Jeff Schaffer
  • Mericos Foundation
  • Raintree Foundation
  • Sharon and David Bradford
  • The Godric Foundation


$50k – $99k

  • Anonymous
  • Carolyn Kincaid
  • John C. Mithun Foundation
  • John Mike and Marcia Cohen
  • Judith Stapelmann Fund
  • Manitou Fund
  • Mark Funk and Jim Owens 
  • Mithun Family Foundation
  • Mosher Foundation
  • Peter Schuyler and Lisa Stratton
  • The Robinson Foundation
  • Valerie Hoffman


$10k – $49k

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Bethany Anderson
  • Bruce and Cathy Straits
  • Carol and Jerome Weingartner, In Honor Of Enzo, Otis and Esther
  • Coralie, Merrick, and Logan Swan
  • Elaine and Jerry Gibson
  • Eric Hvolboll
  • G.A. Fowler Family Foundation
  • GRoW @ Annenberg
  • Hank and Mari Mitchel
  • Jeremy and Manuela Bassan
  • John and Ann Brinker
  • John and Kathie McClure
  • Julie and Karl Willig, In Memory of Ray Willig
  • Leo Bunnin
  • Living Peace Foundation
  • Marian Jones
  • Sarah, Hayden & Luca Gower
  • Steve Windhager & Pamme Mickelson
  • The Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation
  • The George H. Griffiths and Olive J. Griffiths Charitable Foundation
  • The Robert and Janice Kopf Family Fund
  • The Schlinger Family Foundation
  • The Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation
  • The Mark Frank Family
  • Wallin Studios


  • Carolyn Kincaid
  • Elaine Gibson
  • George Leis
  • Joanne Rapp
  • John Brinker
  • John Wiemann
  • Peter Schuyler
  • Sarah Berkus Gower
  • Sharon Bradford
  • Susan Spector
  • Valerie Hoffman
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