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December 18, 2023

Ironwood | Issue 34

By Jaime Eschette
From the desert to the top of Arlington Peak (Photo: Greg Trainor)

Sometimes, when you’re so busy doing the work, it’s hard to slow down and celebrate the progress, people, and supporters behind it all. Our biannual magazine, Ironwood, is changing this script and we’re proud to introduce our latest issue, #34.

With each new issue we put a spotlight on our latest wins, explore topics near to our hearts, and celebrate some of the people behind the curtain who are dedicated to ensuring a better future where biodiversity thrives and the very foundation that supports all life – native plants – are protected.

So, let’s dive into issue #34 of Ironwood. You’ll learn about DNA-based research and the importance of studying our Living Collection to the many hands involved in a landscape transformation at Elings Park, the removal of invasive species around Mission Canyon, and so much more. Together, we’ve been committed to the transformative power of native plants for nearly a century and, thanks to your support, we’ll continue this work well into the future.


You can also receive Ironwood in your mailbox — two weeks before the digital version drops — by becoming a member! Learn more about supporting the Garden through membership here.

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