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Weekend Ranger Experiences: September 10 – October 2

Backcountry Rangers Dylan Schuyler, and Kaelen McCracken
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
September 10, 2022 -
October 2, 2022

Come meet our Backcountry Rangers as they lead several engaging weekend experiences ranging from nature crafts to outdoor adventure skills. First access will be for our Garden members at 9:30 a.m. but will extend to the general public after 10:00 a.m.

Experiences, dates and times:

Adventure Knots! (recommended for ages 7+)

Saturday, September 10th (Shifts: 10-10:45 a.m, 11-11:45 a.m.)

Tying knots is a useful skill to have when adventuring outside. Come learn some common knots and how to use them!

Field Art & ID (recommended for ages 10-13)

Sunday, September 18th (Shifts: 10 a.m, 11 a.m.)

Using a field guide allows you to identify unfamiliar plants and animals in nature. Recording your observations in a nature journal with drawings and notes allows you to keep track of what you learn. Join a Backcountry Ranger in surveying the Garden’s oak woodland environment to learn more about what grows and lives in Santa Barbara’s local mountains!

Pinecone Bird Feeders (recommended for ages 5+)

Saturday, September 24th (Shifts: 10 a.m, 11 a.m.)

With Fall around the corner now is a good time to start making bird feeders. Come join us to make your very own lard based pinecone birdfeeder!

Bark Bats (recommended for ages 8-10)

Sunday, October 2nd (Shifts: 10 a.m, 11 a.m.)

Bats are important to our California native ecosystems because they regulate pest populations, provide essential soil nutrients, and pollinate native plants. Create your very own bat made out of natural materials to decorate your house for fall, and learn more about why these creatures are vital members of our food-web! 


These activities are free with the price of admission. Space and supplies are limited and available only while supplies last.

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