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Webinar: Life After Lawn

Alejandro Lemus
Zoom (the link for the webinar will be included in the confirmation email)
July 17, 2024
6:00PM - 7:00PM

Do you believe in life after lawn? It’s time to consider breaking up with your lawn and discovering the benefits of a native plant landscape. You deserve better than to invest in someone who takes all of your resources and selfishly does not share with the rest of the ecosystem. A healthy relationship, after all, is built upon a foundation of reciprocity and native plants provide that and much more.  Join Santa Barbara Botanic Garden for a special webinar presentation on techniques and strategies for removing your lawn and creating a thriving native plant landscape. Summer is the perfect time to start planning, assessing your garden conditions, and taking your landscape ideas to the drawing board.



About the Instructor:

Alejandro was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up, he assisted his parents with their landscaping business. Some of his earliest memories are of looking at flowers, finding insects in the leaves, and spending many hours in the garden with his family. Alejandro has experience in habitat restoration, horticulture, and education. As the Garden’s Horticultural Educator, he is passionate about connecting people with native plants.

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