Summer Virtual Lecture Series: Sept. 16

Garden Staff
September 16, 2022
5:30PM - 6:30PM

The evening – and the lecture series – is comprised of three presentations from Garden staff.

First Presentation

Insect biodiversity is important to maintain for the health of our environments, so please join to learn about what they do for us, and how you can help. Kylie Etter, the Garden’s conservation technician, is passionate about plant-insect interactions. In her discussion, she will focus on what insects contribute to our environment, how they are affected by human environmental impacts and climate change (especially their present and future decline), and some of the projects she’s working on here at the Garden.

Second Presentation

Zach Phillips, Ph.D., the Garden’s terrestrial invertebrate conservation ecologist, will focus on an invasive species that he is currently researching, with invasion biology being a closely related topic to climate change.

Third Presentation

Keith Nevison, the Garden’s director of horticulture and operations, will explore the role cultivars of native plants (“nativars”) have in an ecological landscape. He share how recent evidence suggests that some native cultivars have enhanced attraction for pollinators over their wild type analogues. In most cases, however, the opposite has been detected. Nevison will share his Master’s research for the genus Phlox, then discuss the case for why nativars should or should not be used in ecological landscaping. Join us as we explore pollinator preferences among native cultivars and straight species for the genus Phlox.

Registration Details

$10 Garden members | $12 for non-members

To register as a member, please log in to your membership account be clicking “My Membership” at the top right corner of the webpage. Once registered, a Zoom link will be emailed to participant prior to lecture.

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