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Santa Cruz Island: Cueva Valdez [SOLD OUT]

Steve Junak
Santa Cruz Island
July 10, 2022
8:15AM - 5:00PM

Join us for a very special trip to the Cueva Valdez area on the northwest shore of Santa Cruz Island. Trips are rarely offered to this location and require special permission from The Nature Conservancy. We will land in a small cove next to Tres Bocas Cave, a popular landing site for boaters since the 1800s. Names carved in the volcanic rock walls of the cave date back to the 1890s and early 1900s. There are also historic, hand-drawn colorful designs on the rocks at the entrance to the cave. We will explore this beautiful site and the wet canyon above the cove. Don’t forget to bring your camera or nature journal to capture the images of the scenery and share your memorable trip!

Participants should be in good physical condition. For this trip we highly recommend participants wear good hiking shoes and layers of clothing.

$150/Garden members, $175/non-members

We’re sorry but this event is SOLD OUT

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