Day Trips

San Miguel Island Day Trip

Steve Junak
Ventura Harbor
October 29, 2022
7:15AM - 7:00PM

Join us on Saturday, October 29 for a day trip to San Miguel Island – the westernmost island of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands from Ventura Harbor. Fall is a great time to visit San Miguel Island because sea conditions are generally calmer and the climate is very pleasant. As our boat travels across the Santa Barbara Channel, and out towards San Miguel Island, we will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the topographic and geologic features of Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands. When we arrive at San Miguel Island small skiff boats will take our group from the boat to the beautiful sandy beach in Cuyler Harbor. Our time on San Miguel will be spent exploring the coastal bluffs in the harbor. The coastal fogs of summer keep many of the island’s shrubs green until the fall, making this an ideal time to examine the plant life as we walk up the trail in Canada de Mar to the upper portion of the island.

Your guide for this trip is Steve Junak, the Garden’s Herbarium Curator emeritus.

About Steve Junak:

Steve Junak is the Garden’s Herbarium Curator emeritus, is an active researcher and expert on the flora of the islands of California and Baja California.  He holds an M.A. in botany, has led field trips for more than 25 years, and has co-authored several books on the Channel Islands. Look for Steve’s trips to the Channel Islands for unique botanical experiences.

Pricing and registration:

Garden Member: $205

General Public: $230

Registration is now open!

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