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Propagating California Native Plants with Jessica Fernandez | SOLD OUT

Jessica Fernandez
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
February 8, 2023
4:30PM - 6:00PM

Want to learn how to grow California native plants from cuttings? Learn the basic skills of vegetative propagation in this hands-on workshop! This informative workshop is suitable for both professionals and anyone interested learning propagation techniques for their home or community garden. All materials will be provided and participants will be able to take home propagation materials from the workshop.

About Jessica Fernandez:

Jessica Fernandez is the Garden’s propagator and manages growing for the Living Collections, Conservation and Research teams, and for mitigation/restoration contracts. Their variation of experiences in ecology and environmental fields has given Jessica a better understanding of the interconnectedness between plants and the world around us!

Pricing and registration:

Garden Members: $15

General Admission: $30

Registration is now open!

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