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Precious Gems Along Our Coastline: Conservation Stories on California’s Channel Islands with Denise Knapp, Ph.D.

Denise Knapp, Ph.D.
Santa Barbara Public Library
July 18, 2024

The California Channel Islands are world-renowned for their scenic beauty and rich natural resources, including a large proportion of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Denise Knapp, the Garden’s director of conservation and research will share the natural history and conservation of these gems of the central coast. She’ll tell the story of the plants, animals, and human history across the archipelago, the legacy of impacts to these resources, and the heroic recovery actions that have been taken on the “Galapagos of North America”.

This talk will take place at Santa Barbara Public Library and is free to attend.

About Denise Knapp:

Denise Knapp received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she investigated plant-insect interactions and habitat restoration. She has worked for 28 years as a plant ecologist in southern California, with eight of those years on Santa Catalina Island and conservation experience on nearly all of the Channel Islands. She has conducted research on a wide range of topics from ecosystem restoration and plant-insect interactions, to rare plant populations, vegetation change, fire, introduced species, and conservation prioritization.

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