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Plant Talk – Attracting Pollinators

Matt Straka
Courtyard & Garden Nursery
February 6, 2022 -
February 6, 2022
12:00PM - 12:00PM

Let’s Talk Plants 
Stop by our native plant nursery to learn quick tips and tricks for gardening with beautiful and drought-tolerant native plants. Weekly, The Garden will be hosting a short informal chat on a native plant gardening topic and take Q&A from the audience. Meet us in The Garden Courtyard at 12 pm on Sundays to get tips from our knowledgeable native plant experts and browse through the largest selection of native plants on the central coast. 
For the month of February, we are focusing on Pollinator Attraction, perfect for a novice or expert gardener looking to support native pollinators and our local ecosystems. 

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