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Pathfinders: Nature’s Playground

Michelle Cyr
The Backcountry at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
April 13, 2024
11:00AM - 12:15PM

This program is all about play! Pathfinders will experience how nature offers a bounty of resources for creativity and fun as they utilize natural materials from the Garden to develop games of their own design. We’ll discover how, in nature, with a little imagination and some ingenuity, the possibilities for fun are limitless!  

What does it mean to be a Backcountry Pathfinder? A Pathfinder is an explorer, someone who respects nature and inspires others through example and leadership. Children ages 8-13 are invited to join our group of Backcountry Pathfinders where they’ll grow skills and become leaders in caring for nature. Participants who complete Pathfinder activities qualify to participate in special events, check-out investigation equipment during their Garden visits and have opportunities where they can utilize their Pathfinder skills to help better the Backcountry.


Pathfinder programs are free with admission to the Garden. Registration is required. Parents/guardians will be required to stay on Garden grounds for the duration of the event.

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