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PALMA Colectiva presents Sound and Reiki with Codi Jane

PALMA Colectiva
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Island View lawn
September 19, 2023
5:30PM - 7:00PM

We will open our hearts and energy channels with Breathwork allowing the body to fully land in the present moment. Then we will transition into a sound journey intended to invoke a deep listening, encouraging an open state of receptivity and expanded perception. The sound will move stuck and stagnant energy to create harmony and make space for insight and clarity. At the end of sound journey Codi will go around and do reiki to support your nervous system in dropping into parasympathetic rest and digest promoting a rewiring and full mind body, soul reset. 

About Codi and her practice:

Codi Jane is an Integrative Holistic Healer and Embodied Self-Love Guide. Her mission and vision stem from having been through her own healing journey: she strives to bring all beings an embodied experience of expansion, and inner peace through the body’s intellect. 

Codi Has been a Reiki Master since 2016, and is a Kripalu Certified Yoga practitioner with trauma-informed training, Chopra App Sound Healer, and Breathwork Facilitator. Codi offers in person Breathwork & Sound Healing classes at The Mindry in Malibu. Codi offers her healing modalities to private clients, in coaching settings, group settings, as well as retreats. 

She guides leaders, activists, change makers, and emerging truth seekers to discover the gifts of embodiment. With a focus on helping individuals and families heal from Intergenerational Trauma she will assist you in experiencing peace, freedom, wholeness, and growth from the inside out.

Codi will meet you exactly where you are with depth of knowledge and hold a safe, compassionate and loving container.


Garden Members: $30

General Public: $40

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