Nature Journaling at the Garden with John Iwerks

John Iwerks
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
March 23, 2024
8:30AM - 10:30AM

Enjoy the creative search for artistic natural subjects in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, recording the life that abounds, in your sketchbook through drawings and writings. We will explore subjects both near and far, using lightweight art materials  such as pencil, pen, watercolor and colored pencils. Botanical Illustration is encouraged: leaves, flowers, trees. A list and sources for supplies will be sent before the first class meeting.

The Garden will offer this class on March 2. April 6, May 4 and June 1, 2024. Guests will need to complete a separate registration for each class they would like to attend.

Although the Garden is dog-friendly, only service animals are permitted at this Garden class.


Garden Members: $25

General Public: $35

About John Iwerks:

John Iwerks has a strong interest in natural sciences and enjoys producing artworks in oil, watercolor, acrylic, illustration, stone, ceramic and metal. He is a founding member of the Oak Group, a Santa Barbara- based group of artists formed in 1986, dedicated to preserving open spaces. www.chapmaniwerks.com

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