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Introduction to California Native Plants and Why You Should Grow Them

Richard Merrill
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Library
May 21, 2023
3:30PM - 5:00PM

What is a California Native Plant? Ask five people this question and you are likely to get five different answers. In this class Rich Merrill will shed light on the ambiguity of California native plants and some major reasons we should be growing them. He also will describe some things to consider when designing your native garden or landscape.

Although the Garden is dog-friendly, participants are asked to not bring their dog(s) to this event. If you need assistance with registration or have questions about this class, please contact the Registrar at registrations@sbbotanicgarden.org or 805-682-4726 ext. 102


Garden Members and students: $15

General Public: $30

About Richard Merrill:

Richard Merrill is currently a volunteer at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. He received his Master’s degree in mathematics and population ecology from UCLA, and studied Ecosystem dynamics at UCSB. Richard emeritus of Cabrillo Community College where he served as the first director of the Environmental Horticultural Department and developed the idea of the “Habitat Landscape.” He has written books on sustainable agriculture, renewable energy systems, and sustainable vegetable gardening.

Rich Merrill’s presentations are enriching for all California native plant lovers. With his expertise, humor, and warmth he delivered a fresh slant on habitat gardens at his lecture on “Ecology and the Design of Habitat.” His  slides are beautiful and the accompanying anecdotes colorful. We are lucky to have Rich among us at the Garden.

Susan Spector, Garden Volunteer

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