Garden Tour: Fragrant Plants in the Garden

Kathy Castaneda
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
September 9, 2022

Are you ready for a ‘scratch & sniff’ tour? Come explore the olfactory hues in the Garden, and learn about some of the species of California native plants within the Mint Family and more!

About Kathy Castaneda

As Manager of the Volunteer Programs here at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden for the past 9 years, I focus on the meaningful and rewarding aspects of the work. Connecting people with our mission and our living collection of native plants is the way I build community and create joy. I don’t often get an opportunity to lead public tours, but when I do I’m excited to share my passion for the Garden with visitors. I encourage everyone to make friends with a plant in our collection, visit that plant throughout the year and get to know it. I am a University of California Certified California Naturalist, lifelong learner, and outdoor enthusiast.

Pricing and registration:

This tour is free with the cost of admission. Pre-registration is not required but can be done now by clicking the button at the top of the page that reads “Register.”

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