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Family Bird Fest

Michelle Cyr
The Backcountry at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
May 18, 2024
10:30AM - 12:30PM

Take flight as we celebrate birds in this family fun fest! We’ll have a morning full of activities to connect with our woodland birds. Check out binoculars and go on a bird safari, create a mask of your favorite feathered friend, and support these wonderful creatures by making a native seed bird feeder. Plus, don’t miss the chance to chat with experts from the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, who will be on hand to offer bird-watching tips and information on cultivating a native plant garden to attract birds. This event is free with admission and takes place in the Garden’s Backcountry section. 

This event is free with admission, so no registration required. 

This event was graciously funded by the Robinson Foundation.
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