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Fall Native Plant Shopping | Member Exclusive | Sold Out

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Nursery
November 3, 2023
2:00PM - 5:00PM

Fall is the perfect time to plant California natives in your garden! Shorter days, cooler weather and winter rains all help roots to grow deep, ensuring better establishment to help get your plants through the longer growing seasons ahead.

Our Fall Preview Event is back again! We’ve stocked up on a large assortment of unique and common native plants, and staff and volunteers will be hand to help guide you with plant selections to help get your garden growing!

On Friday, November 3rd we’re opening the Nursery to Members only, to allow for the best selection of plants. To access this experience, a free reservation is required to help us control the flow of traffic in our parking lot, ensuring a smoother customer experience. Your reservation offers one parking space and an hour of stress-free shopping. We’ve also invested in more wagons to get your plants safely and soundly up to your vehicle. Our staff and volunteers are ready to help you load your vehicle and answer any questions you have about native plants and the Garden.

This opportunity is open exclusively to Garden Members. All purchases support Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in our mission to conserve native plants & habitats for the health and well-being of people and the planet.

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