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A Morning of Mushrooms: Family Event

Melany Kahn
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Blaksley Library (due to rain)
January 20, 2024
10:30AM - 12:30PM

Lifelong mushroom hunter and children’s author Melany Kahn comes to the Garden to inspire participants of all ages to discover the magnificent mushrooms around us.  The morning’s activities include a mushroom ID and recipes workshop, a fungi-inspired craft and a read aloud of Melany’s book Mason Goes Mushrooming, a children’s tale that weaves education, science and culinary arts through Mason’s fungi-finding adventures. 


This event is free with admission and takes place in the Garden’s Backcountry section. 

About Melany Kahn:

Melany Kahn is a first-time author, but a long-time forager. She started hunting for mushrooms in Vermont in 1968 at age four when her family bought a farm in West Brattleboro, VT. Her father, the painter Wolf Kahn, is the OG forager. For over 22 years Melany has shared her passion for the outdoors teaching children at nature centers and schools during woodland walks to gather and identify wild edible mushrooms. Hunting for mushrooms is growing in popularity worldwide. Learning 1-2 wild edible mushrooms will offer families and friends the opportunity to forage together and create a gourmet feast a few times a year.

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