Photography Policy

Photographs are a lovely way to remember your visit to Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (The Garden). We encourage visitors to take casual photographs of their visit for their own personal use. However, there are some instances in which you will need a photography permit and pay the accompanying fees.

All fees directly support the mission of the Garden. Thanks to your generosity, teams of scientists, educators, and horticulturists remain committed to the original spirit of the organization’s founders – conserve CA native plants and habitats to ensure they continue to support life on the planet and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

1. Promotional or commercial photoshoot

Anyone who is taking part in professional or promotional/commercial photography needs a photo permit. For the purpose of this policy, a professional photographer is defined as someone who is being paid to take photographs on the Garden property. Promotional/commercial photography refers to photography that will be sold, distributed, or used in promotional material. Due to the wide range of needs and planning that is involved with promotional and commercial photoshoots, we require a consultation with our Event Coordinator.

2. Posed professional photos

A permit is also necessary for anyone who is coming to the Garden for the purpose of taking posed photos of people. A permit is necessary for those who wish to use the Garden setting as the background for posed photography including but not limited to: wedding, family, engagement, graduation, maternity, or prom photos. The permit is needed regardless of whether the photographs are being taken by a friend, or a professional. This agreement permits the individual photographer as well as 5 people into the Garden for posed photos.

FEE: $100 for 2 hours

General photograhy guidelines

The nonrefundable fee is required in addition to the price of admission.

Proof of photo permit should be worn or kept on hand.

The photography session must occur within regular Garden hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

Pathways may not be obstructed by the photographer or members of the party so as to impede visitor traffic.

Any outfit changes must take place in our public restrooms.

Party must remain on pathways only. Photography is not permitted in exhibit areas, on rocks, etc. Party will be billed accordingly for any damage to plants or the Garden’s property.

Nudity/firearms are not permitted in the Garden.

Drone photography is not permitted on the Garden property, without prior considerations.

The Garden reserves the right to refuse photographic privileges to anyone or to rescind privileges if guidelines are not followed or if conditions are deemed unsafe.

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