Rikke Reese Naesborg, Ph.D. 

Rikke has a passion for lichens and is the curator of the Garden’s lichenarium.

Rikke Reese Naesborg, Ph.D., is the Tucker Lichenologist at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and curator of the Garden’s lichenarium. She is interested in investigating lichen community composition and ecology in order to identify why different lichen species are distributed differently across landscapes. Another major interest is conservation of lichens — a complicated task that is only possible by expanding knowledge of lichen distribution and ecology. Reese Naesborg earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at University of Southern Denmark and went on to earn a doctorate in systematic botany from Uppsala University in Sweden. She has lived in California since 2011. 

Research interests: lichenology, community composition, lichen ecology, lichen conservation 

Tucker Lichenologist & Curator of the Lichenarium