Dylan Schuyler

“The works of God are great; They are studied by all those finding pleasure in them.”
— Psalm 111:2

Dylan Schuyler is a ranger for the interactive Backcountry Section at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. He helps to manage the Backcountry and encourages engagement with its many dynamic features. Dylan graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), with a bachelor’s degree in environmental earth science and minors in biology and studio art. He then earned his teaching credentials from Cal Poly School of Education and student taught science at Los Osos Middle School for one year. After his education, he worked in Santa Barbara as an arborist and on San Nicolas Island as a habitat restoration technician. He is interested in natural history, botany, and ethnobotany and is a strong supporter of citizen science platforms such as iNaturalist. Dylan is passionate about interacting with the public and hopes that he can inspire an appreciation for the diversity, importance, and history of native ecosystems. He is an active member in his local Christian congregation and likes to cycle and cook in his free time. 

Backcountry Ranger