Stocks & Securities

Donating stock is one simple way you can give a powerful gift to the Garden while avoiding the capital gains tax. And, there are major advantages in donating appreciated securities instead of a cash gift. When you donate stock to the Garden, you will not pay capital gains tax on the gain and, generally, you receive a tax deduction for the full value on the day it was donated.

To get started, please review the following details and submit the form below.

Directions for Transfer

Your Broker will need the following information to transfer a gift of stock to Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

  • The DTC number is 2116 (Fifth Third Bank)
  • The account name is First State Trust Company (FSTC) – Montecito Trust #010039660275
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden wealth account is # MBT8561-00
  • The agent bank # is 10016 and the institutional ID# is 96877

For transfer of Mutual Funds, please contact our development staff directly for more information.

Information for the Garden

Please notify the Garden of your gift so we may thank you and send you the appropriate tax documents for your records.

Are You Ready to Donate Stocks & Securities?

The Garden has many supporters who are already choosing to donate, we hope you will consider joining them.

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