Floristic treatments of popcorn flowers (genus Plagiobothrys) and cat’s eyes (genus Oreocarya; both Borage family) for the book series “Flora of North America”

Project Dates

2017 - 2022


The “Flora of North America” describes all the known flora north of Mexico and includes dichotomous keys, distributions, and illustrations. When complete, it will include over 30 volumes. Botanists typically specialize in one or a few plant families and become experts in those groups worldwide. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden botanists are working on descriptions and keys to all species and infraspecies within the popcorn flowers and mountain nuts (with distribution information).


To understand the botanical diversity of our region and beyond

Team Members

Matt Guilliams, Ph.D. 

Kristen Lehman, Ph.D. 


Flora of North America Association