Experimental restoration trials to improve ecosystem services in the Piru Fire scar area

Project Dates

2021 - 2023


In an area identified as having low natural regeneration (using the Postfire Restoration Prioritization Tool by Emma Underwood, Ph.D.), native species are being restored and the resulting restored plots are being compared to unrestored plots in both degraded and high-quality habitat. Data are being collected to understand plant and invertebrate abundance and diversity, as well as a suite of ecosystem services, including carbon storage, soil microbial functioning, and sediment movement.


To establish locally sourced native plants in experimental restoration plots; monitor native plant cover and richness; monitor ground-active and flying invertebrate abundance and diversity using pitfall traps and sweep nets; and collaborate to prepare a peer-reviewed publication summarizing the findings

Team Members

Jorge Renteria Bustamante , Ph.D.

Neda Brehm

Zach Phillips, Ph.D.

Sarah Cusser, Ph.D.

José Flores


University of California, Davis

U.S. Forest Service


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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