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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden as fiscal agent, lead sponsor Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management

2018: Proceedings of the Ninth California Islands Symposium

Edited by M.C. Belk and J. Auger, Western North American Naturalist

With financial support from: The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, The Nature Conservancy, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California State University Channel Islands, Institute for Wildlife Studies, Catalina Island Conservancy, the U.S. Navy, Smithsonian Institution, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, UCSB Santa Cruz Island Reserve, the Santa Barbara Zoo, Wildlands Conservation Science, Island Packers, Aquasports, Channel Islands Restoration, Growing Solutions, Ocean Science Trust, and REI. Proceedings funded by: The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Steering Committee: Julie Bursek (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Christie Boser (Co-chair: TNC), Ann Bull (Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management), Amy Catalano (Catalina Island Conservancy), Cause Hanna (Santa Rosa Island Research Station, CSU Channel Islands), Laura Kirn (National Park Service), Denise Knapp (Co-chair: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden), John Knapp (TNC), Kate Faulkner (retired National Park Service), Annie Little (Co-chair: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), Paula Power (retired National Park Service), T. Scott Sillett (Smithsonian Institution), Peter Sharpe (Institute for Wildlife Studies), and John Ugoretz (U.S. Navy).

With editorial and publishing support from E. Arthur Bettis III (University of Iowa), Michael A. Glassow (UC Santa Barbara), David A. Holway (UC San Diego), William K. Laurenroth (Yale University), Daniel R. Muhs (U.S. Geological Survey), C. Riley Nelson (Brigham Young University), John M. Randall (The Nature Conservancy), T. Scott Sillett (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute), and Morgan Baker (Western North American Naturalist).



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