Danielle Ward

Danielle has a passion for lichens and you’ll find her in the Lichenarium in the Pritzlaff Conservation Center.

As a lichenarium technician, Danielle Ward integrates, updates, and catalogs two collections of lichen museum specimens for the Lichenarium at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Ward’s appreciation for lichens began while completing her bachelor’s degree at Bates College. Since then, she has collaborated with tropical lichenologists to inventory the lichens of Brunei, a country on the island of Borneo. Ward is interested in using scientific approaches to gain insight into the complexities of lichenology while sharing the importance of lichens with audiences beyond the scientific community. While lichens are her primary focus, she is passionate about all aspects of ecology and biodiversity. 

Research interests – lichenology, ecology, climate change, science communication, community science 


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Lichenarium Technician